The Frozen Series

The Frozen Series is an ongoing collection of paintings that I am working on involving the union of frozen object and pattern. The idea for the series was sparked by an interest in the white frost that appears on objects when removed from the freezer. This frost is caused when a humid space meets a very cold object; it forms in minutes, and begins to disappear as quickly. I am fascinated with the ability of this frost to transform ordinary everyday objects and make them foreign and sometimes unrecognizable. Perhaps the most successful example of this so far is the painting of the beet, as the frost masks its true nature and it becomes animalic and otherworldly.

These paintings deal with the fleetingness of a moment and the desire to hold on to something that is shifting and changing. On the surface, this is capturing the moment of the frost formation before it melts away, but on a deeper level these paintings speak to our need to capture and preserve things and how the act of preservation can fundamentally alter that object.

To see the rest of the series please visit my website.