Sabrina Ferry is a painter, printmaker, and illustrator currently working out of her studio in Portland, Oregon. She has previously worked in New York City, Austin, Nashville, and nameless towns in New Mexico. A graduate of the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, she also occasionally applies her studies of photography, video, sound, film, and web design on personal and professional projects in addition to her primary focus of painting. Sabrina draws inspiration from a wide range of interests (taxidermy, roller skating, elevator maintenance, etc.) but strives to maintain a thoughtful humor to her work in the spirit of heroes such as The Marx Brothers, John Lennon, Steve Martin, Buster Keaton, and Edward Gorey. Sabrina is always open to new opportunities to display her work and greatly enjoys the challenge of merging her specific artistic interests with clients’ content on commissions. She can be found in any number of places on occasion (box cars, bird nests, stepping on sidewalk cracks) but the easiest way to reach her is at: