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Damndest Album Cover

The Ready Stance

The Ready Stance is a band based in Newport, Kentucky just outside of Cincinnati, Ohio. They contacted me about using one of my existing paintings as the cover for their album, Damndest. They have a history of using vintage imagery on their gig posters and the old-timey quality of A Portrait in the Attic fit right into their style. They wanted to change the box in the painting into a musicians traveling trunk from the turn of the 20th century so I painted a separate painting of the trunk and through the magic of Photoshop digitally inserted the new trunk into the painting. They were very happy with the result and the album cover made it into the fourth volume of Album Cover Art by Noiseland Industries.


I was contacted by a woman who had seen my Roadkill paintings on my website and was wondering if I would be willing to do a portrait of her boyfriends' dog Max in the same style as a birthday gift. She sent me the picture she was interested in using and we spoke about pattern, deciding on squirrels and gold links. Afterward she sent me a lovely email letting me know how much he loved the gift and a picture of it hanging in their home.

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