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Churny Morn + Packy Mack

Churny Morn + Packy Mack

Churny Morn + Packy Mack is a store that I created on Etsy figure-headed by two gentlemen of yesteryear, one a kindly older man with impeccable manners, the kind that can only be obtained through a privileged upbringing. The other, his business partner, Mr. Mack, is quite a bit younger and from modest means. He has a tendency toward spirits and festive occasions and will forever be an endearing rapscallion. Their names come from a poem written by John Lennon that can be found in the book, 'In His Own Write'. They were not names just words that quickly endeared themselves to my particular type of nonsense. A small homage to one of the most brilliant men of nonsense.

Churny Morn + Packy Mack is the place where I sell my original limted edition screen prints and archival digital prints of a small collection of my paintings.


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